Unnamed Student Pilot gets $7,000.00 Dollars stolen from him by Joao Osorio

Student pilot (John Doe) opted for a career change and sought Aviation as a choice. John Doe asked Osorio “How much would it take for me to solo?”. Osorio responded “$7,000.00”. John Doe paid Osorio $7,000.00 in cash.

At that point, John Doe was was barely flying. At most, it was just ONE (1!) hour every week or two. John Doe was furious and kept asking for a refund, in which Joao refused. “You’ll fly when I say you fly!” Joao responded.

John Doe left for a few weeks to simmer down, and then came back to Osorio and agreed with his “You’ll fly whenever I say you’ll fly” statement. Jonh Doe would go to the GPS office every single day sitting on the couch, not getting any flying lessons. This would go on for weeks. At this point, he was getting absolutely nothing. John Doe asked for a statement on what he has flown so far, and Osorio showed him a statement with bogus charges, thousands of dollars of flying hours and ground lessons that were never commenced. Again, John Doe would go to the GPS office everyday asking for a refund, with Osorio exclaiming “YOU SIGNED THE PAPER THAT SAYS NO REFUNDS!”. John Doe headed back to his home country, with Joao Osorio ignoring Whatsapp and any communications with the student, blocking him.

This is a common tactic by Joao Osorio. Making people pay upfront, having them sign a “No Refunds” paper, and then stalling their progress, never giving them flight lessons. The student pilot tries to contact Joao Osorio for refunds, only to get blocked. This goes on until the student pilots admit defeat and give up with Joao, losing thousands of dollars.