Escaping obligations of multiple plane crashes by creating multiple corporations and abandoning the old ones, registering corps under family members’ names

Joao de Magalhaes Queiroz de Noronha Osorio SR / Joao Osorio / Joao Noronhaosorio / Johnny Ozorio / John Osorio / And all the other aliases he uses

Officer/Director of

Global Pilot School INC. / Global Pilot School CORP / Miami Flights INC / Miami Air Tours CORP / Osorio Aviation CORP / GPS Flight School CORP / GPS Global Pilot School CORP / GPS Global Pilot School INC / Asaza CORP / Land Air Sea Group CORP / South Beach Aviation CORP / IPS / International Pilot School / International Flight School /ipilotschool / And many other corporations he filed to scam people,

was operating under MULTIPLE corporations, scamming and conning students left and right. He abandons his old corporations and form new ones, starting “anew”. A most notable example of this is when he created a new corporation one day after N172LN made an emergency landing. Then N3YE crashed just TWO days after that, so he shut down that first corporation, and made a new one again! Maybe the IRS would take interest in this matter? How about the FAA?

Read below.

Newest Corporation formed:

This is a corporation he formed THE DAY AFTER N172LN’s cockpit was full of smoke in the air, making an emergency landing. Trying to start new again.

Once he created it on 08/25/21, N3YE crashed into the water THE VERY NEXT DAY. OPS! so he cant use this corporation anymore, so he told the Florida Division of Corporations that it was “Filed in Error”, and created a new one, which was shown in the beginning photo.