The Typical Scam

You call in, they answer the phone, acting all happy. “What course do you want man?” As they start reeling you in like a fish.

“I want the PPL Course!” You say happily, ready to chase your dream job.

“Haha! No problem man, just sign this paper here that says “NO REFUNDS”

You sign the paper.

“HAHA NICE! Now just wire me a cheque of $XX,XXX dollars!”

You wire the money.

You are barely (if any) given any flight instruction. Returns to calls and e-mails are not answered. You are ignored constantly. Your flight on the schedule is always canceled. You beg and say “Please, just give me a refund”. “NO!” They say, angrily. “YOU SIGNED THE PAPER THAT SAYS NO REFUNDS!”. Your Visa runs out and you have to go back to your home country. You try to contact Joao from your home country, but he has blocked you.

Now you are left with no options, out of tens of thousands of dollars, not knowing what to do.

This hasn’t just happened to you. This has happened to many, many people, with hundreds of thousands of dollars taken.

This is one of many ways. Lets put an end to this.