Success! Update to case, Joao Osorio ordered to pay $8000.00 to plaintiff

This is a successful update to the following case:

Joao was found guilty in trial by judge, ordered to pay the plaintiff a total of $8000.00 out of the $11,000.00 he scammed from this student. He will pay back in installments of $800.00 per month for ten months. The reason the plaintiff only sued for $8000.00 and not the full $11,000.00 is because Miami’s small claims court only lets you sue for a maximum of $8000.00. Any amount more than that would have to go though a bigger court, with lawyers, added expense, added time, etc. Miami’s small claims court is a good way for people to get their money back quickly, efficiently, and without lawyers. Think of it like Judge Judy. Those who have been burned by Osorio should seek justice in Miami’s small claims court. Instructions on filing a lawsuit can be found here:

The Verdict: