N172LN, a 172 operated by GPS Flight school, makes an emergency landing in Key West on Aug 24th, 2021 after experiencing smoke in the cockpit with zero visibility

Just after takeoff from KEYW, Pilots reported massive smoke entering the cockpit. A few seconds later, hot engine oil shot out from the cowling all over the windshield and windows. With zero visibility and unable to see due to the smoke and oil, this posed a potential to be a catastrophic event. The Pilot flying had to put almost his entire body out the Cessna 172 in order to see while in the air, with pilots also trying to wipe extremely hot oil from the windshield to no avail. With some luck and skill, the pilot flying managed to land back at KEYW successfully while being greeted with medical and fire personnel.

The cause of this unfortunate event was a cracked engine block, which should have been caught during the inspections.

It’s no surprise it wasn’t caught, due to the “mechanic” they use (Rodger) who is not A&P certified and does much more than “preventative maintenance”, and holding shady maintenance records of the plane.